Career change in Ohio


Hello, I am looking to sell Insurance full time as a career change from elementary school teaching.
I hold my health and life licenses for Ohio. I sell part time now life, disability, and dental over the phone as an independent contractor. Not much money, but I'm working from home during hours I choose, so its OK for now. I really need to work full-time, though, with opportunity to make a decent living. So glad to find this forum with such great information. I would love any advice!
I'm in South Euclid, outside of Cleveland. Right now I have an interview with Farmer's and trying to get more, but I would much rather go independent if I had the choice. I've read a lot of the posts in here, but with my lack of sales experience, I don't think I know enough to start out independent. What's your advice?
As you said...with your lack of sales experience, going independent might be a wise long-term move. But short-term...might be a bit risky.

Keep in mind that Farmers is P&C oriented, so most of your sales experience will be geared towards that product. Of course, I'm sure you will be selling their entire portfolio as well.

If you do go independent, I think there are a couple reputable large agencies in Cleveland. One is in Beachwood, but I'm not sure.
Thanks, Chumps. I did a little research and found a brokerage firm in Beachwood that looks pretty large. I'm assuming I approach them about joining with them? Do I need to get appointed with a few companies first? I don't ever see "agents wanted" on the brokerage sites like you do on the insurance sites.
I'm not quite sure about the procedure as my situation is a bit unique. Maybe one of the other forum members can shed some light there.

But I assume you approach them and they assist with the appointments. You might want to post here the commishh setup to let some members give their input.