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Hello everyone,

Can anyone give me some advice on getting started in the insurance/financial planning business?

I have my series 7 and life/health insurance licenses and Im thinking about leaving my comfortable desk job/salary and going into the insurance/financial planning business. I recently interviewed with Metlife and Pru.

My pros:
-like to help people
-always been entrepreneurial minded
-like the idea of unlimited earnings potential/residuals
-have knowledge of financial mkts/products

My Cons:
-tons of bills right now
-wife at home with 2 kids and 8 months pregnant
-hard to adjust to commissions from salary
-I dont have much sales experience

Any pointers on which company to work for, realistic earnings, what to expect the first few years, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!
stay were you are.....with the bills and the prego wife....its in your best interest at this point....
Pretty much what Scott said. Have your child and go from there.

Go with RJ, ML,SB AGE or UBS way before Met, Edward Jones or Prudential.

Any of the mentioned companies will offer a REAL salary and bennies. No need to starve or go in debt.

I interviewed and was offered a position with a RJ just over a year ago and salary offered was $46k. That was with no 7, nodda. At that time was also offered spot with Met and was very happy I looked at RJ. That 46k was a salary not smoke and mirrors ala Metlife. Also looked into NYL but again no salary and did not want to push WL down peoples throats. Not much salary but at least could pay may bills and learn the biz.

Basically if you want to survive and pay bills go with a real finacial company not an insurance company. The insurance companies for the most part do not offer a salary or true financial planning training. You can make more going the insurance route in the short run but it is swim or sink with no time to get feet wet and learn.

Feel free to pm me as interviewed and investigated other companies and might be able to save you some time.

If you go Insurance I'd suggest Health any day over life or any product starting out. Find a indy mentor and start out with out putting house on the line.
I agree, if you start off on the wrong foot, I.E. needing to pay bills, with a pregnant wife, you will never be able to get the fundamentals down.
Don't move an inch! There will be time later to make this change, if you still want to do so.
Listen, solid friends of mine that came into this business with over $10,000 in upfront marketing money and sales experience have gotten slaughtered. The ugly truth is insurance sales is hard. And the reason it's hard is you have to be everything all wrapped up into one: master marketer, master closer, master organizer but also have a high ethical quality.

Some of this is mutually exclusive; solid closers are mainly unethical and extremely ethical people are horrible closers.

Then you have the fact that 98% of the population doesn't possess the drive needed to work from home with no boss. And that's not even good enough. You need to have a passion for the products you're selling.

I'm not saying you can't make it. But I am saying that I can count on one hand the number of agents I know who aren't living check to check.
Wow, thanks for the replys!!

I guess I'll stay put for now, at least until I can get out of some of this debt...

John, I truly believe that Im in the other 2% I have the motivation and desire to succeed. I also am a big believer in LI after having my own family and home, and Ive lost my father and brother in recent years... I also think that most people dont have a clue when it comes to finances and need some serious education/help (thats how I got into debt :D )

So, who wants my MP3 player? I listen to Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Kiyosaki, traveling to and from work everyday...

Whos gonna help me reset my brain into liking my crummy 9-5 dead end job? :lol:

Thanks again, I'll be sure to check the forum everyday to learn more about the biz and sales skills so that I'll be a pro like you guys when I finally make the career change!!

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