How to do name change on homeowners insurance policy question.

George Petrillo

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I recently acquired my mothers home, in which I was living in with her. She passed away The current policy is in her name. The deed is now in my name. Nothing has changed as far as address or anything added to the policy. How do I change the policy owners name from my mother's name to my name? Can this be done? Thank you.
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Sorry for your loss. That's never easy.

Here in Florida, there is not a way to do that. Had you both been listed on the policy, her name could have been removed once she passed. But in this case (again, speaking just for Florida), you would need a new policy in your name.
Call the agent. Each company does it differently.

Some will cancel your mom's policy and write you a new one. And some will reset the clock on underwriting to the house since you will be considered new business to them. I.E. underwriting may require new business to have a roof no less than 10 years old. If your mom didn't put in a new roof in the last ten years you don't qualify for the new policy.

Others will require documentation such as a copy of her death certificate and a copy of the filed deed of trust showing the property transferred to you.