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Specific legal insurance question

Hi, I haven't been on here for a while.. hope everybody in the community has been great since..

My question Is very specific and I haven't had to much success addressing this with the carrier.

I have a car rental agency and a rental car policy for my fleet, which also provided me with a rental car contract which I'm using between me and the renters of my cars in hopes that in case of a claim this contract provided by the insurance itself provides the best basis for a claim.

There is a section called " Notice About Your Financial Responsibility and Optional Collision Protection " which I attached here below.
The Renter hast the option to purchase Renters Collision Protection ( RCP) though me check out southafricanvatcalculator. ( I'm assuming this an option for me to sell the insurance coverage to the renter for a daily rate).

My question is, am I even legally authorized to sell / forward insurance or insurance coverage since I don't have a license and I'm must a rental car company ?
You are generally not legally authorized to sell or forward insurance coverage without a proper license, even if you run a rental car company. Most jurisdictions require a license to sell insurance. It's important to check the specific regulations in your state or country. You should clarify with your insurance provider to understand your role and any permissible actions. Consulting a legal expert in insurance could also help ensure you comply with all legal requirements.