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Noob question about JV

My background is in lead generation for the last 15 years. I currently send around 400 call transfers and 1200 leads daily to large insurance clients of which I get paid 1 time.
I wanted to explore the idea of partnering with an agency/agent and send some calls or leads their way for a piece of the commission residuals. There are different laws and regulations around this and a qualified attorney would have to formulate the structure, but I was curious if this is a common practice.

Thanks in advance and I really appreciate learning on these forums.
I know guys that have tried this commission combo . Unless you show proof your 100% using Pakistani or phillipino off shore callers that aren’t abiding by the do not call list . If you say they are abiding I’ll call you a liar . The caller has no liability and I know several agents that had to pay $5 k or be sued .
We use 100% AI for the voice conversation, zero humans. All the leads we we dial are TCPA compliant with a Jornaya LeadID consent token attached.
That's a lot of leads! What are you doing with your leads that don't convert or dropoff? I can help revive them along with their sunken costs on a performance basis if you're interested.