health insurance agent questions


The questions

what made to pursue this career path?
What is the best option for total begginer to start after taking the course

I was always so curious about how the medical insurance system works and want to understand, so thinking now to take the course to educate myself and in the same time consider to find job in this field. any tips how to start? Im in Florida. any school recomendations?

thank you
Hang on tight.. my gut is telling me you will see a lot of openings by next year from insurance carriers offering you a position. When you are new to the industry, my recommendation is to apply for a position through an insurance company so you can be trained in nicely before starting out on your own. Good luck!
If you want to get into sales in the insurance business, you will need your state license first and if you want to get into Medicare sales, you will need to pass your AHIP. Insurance companies will hire you based on that alone. Next year I’m sure you will see a lot of organizations wanting to hire people out of college with their state license and AHIP cert. they will probably beg you to join. You can use that as
A stepping stone to owning your own agency and making a great living. Good luck!