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Newly licensed Louisiana L&H agent. Reeling from a sudden midlife divorce and forced to make a hasty career choice, Ive recently acquired my life and health insurance license with which I, solely, will now support myself and three children.💪 However, raising our sons resulted in resume gaps that might as well read "meth experimentation years". Though I'm a genX scrappy worker since 16, had full ss credits by 25, semi recent 4yrs Dir. of Operations at Pilates Studio, 8 years SAG member actor film/tv, trained presenter/speaker, yoga instructor, assisted living bible study teacher... and licensed l&h agent. Background info relevant bc I'm 2 weeks into a 3 wk unpaid training with a Metairie, LA located Globe Life /AIL union workers serving agency. Not here to bash the organization but its become clear the co. and I aren't aligned. In order to even be offered a position, I am expected to work another 60 hour week this week spamming 150-180 ppl/day from my personal phone. As this company is the one who walked me through training, and as I have no intention of providing this nuisance type of service to the world, I am completely lost now. Reading the forums only more confusing. I'm unsure where to start and time is of the essence. Is anyone willing/able to provide me a quick start reference or some kinda resource I may access to find a legitimate, respectable position? Do you all have any suggestions for avenues to explore for someone with my background? So very much appreciate any intel. 🙂
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I believe that the quickest way to make money with a Life & Health license is to start with final expense. These are one-call close sales.

Normally, I'd ask questions like "Who do you want to be a hero to?" and "What did you have in mind when you got your license?" However, your post gave me the vibe that you need to start making money quickly rather than trying to figure out your 'dream practice'.

There are organizations that will offer free leads in exchange for reduced comp, but depending on your operating budget, that may be the way to go.

I don't know everyone's IMO, but I know David Duford (@Rearden) does offer such a program. Yes, he knows how to train agents to be successful right out of the gate. He literally wrote the book on selling final expense, and I believe it's one of the best.

[EXTERNAL LINK] - The DIG Agency! | Recruiting Agents To Become Top Producers In Final Expense! - Duford Insurance Group

Here's his YouTube channel:

I know there are others even here on this forum, but his is the one that immediately comes to mind.