Carriers for MYGA with GLWB rider?


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I was recently reminded that Oxford has a series of MYGA's with an optional GLWB rider.

I wondered if this was unique, or if there were other carriers that offer a product of that type.

If so, could someone drop a few names for someone to consider?

Thank you.
Corebridge and Anico have them.
Thank you.

I guess the first thing that shows me is I don't understand MYGA and Fixed Annuity vocabulary.

I guess that also gives me a better understanding of a remark you made to me in the past about income riders on a "fixed chassis" vs on an FIA.
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Independent insurance agents have a choice of 13 MYGAs with GLWBs. The carriers that offer them are American General/Corebridge, Atlantic Coast Life, Oxford Life, Sentinel Security Life, and The United States Life Insurance Company of New York. Good luck! :)

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