Chronic Illness Plans


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Hey there,

Are any of you in any states selling or 'giving' the cronic illness plans like Evercare provided through United?

What can you tell us about these plans if you have sold or given them to folks?

Word on the street is that this product, amongst other products like this one is going to be a way to keep us very busy and help many medicaid/medicare benneficiaries year round.
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I have experience with the Evercare products and think they offer a terrific value and a lot of handholding for people in fragile health or fragile economic state. There are 4 basic flavors of special needs: dually eligible, chronic (must be eligible for medicare),institutional (nursing home), and Renal Disease. In our state there are both PPOs and HMOs.

Younger people with medicaid and no medicare are enrolled by the state. This is truly managed care with a personal caseworker co-ordinating care between patient and physician and available to answer health questions and co-ordinate hospital releases and DME, for patient and the patients family.