Chump's Top 10 List...things You Don't Want To Hear A Prospect Say


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10. I can't afford much. Maybe $40 per month.

9. My group rate for our family of four just went up $20 to $160.

8. Can you make this fast. I'm using a prepaid phone card.

7. No, I'm not on any medications now. But why do you think I want to get this insurance?

6. I don't know my wife's weight. But she's pretty thick.

5. You're the fifth broker that's called this morning.

4. Medications? Yea, I'm on a few. Let me get my notebook.

3. Can you tell me when I get my free laptop?

2. Well...I'm probably not pregnant, but does this policy cover maternity?

1. Sorry. I know I have some major health problems, but E-Health gave me a much better rate!
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12. My mother/father doesn't speak English so you can just tell me about the plans and I will tell him/her.

13. Does the insurance company accept COD or money orders?

14. I want the best coverage for the least amount of money.
I currently have medi~cade and we just earned $400 to much to qualify for it now.....
17. Are they going to make me take a physical?

18. I can answer no to all of these questions as long as I don't listen to the voices.

19. What's "BMI"?

20. Oh, the usual, blood pressure medicine, cholesterol medicine, reflux medicine and allergy shots. But they're all generics.