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Commission vs salary


New Member
I am a new agent starting out with a P & C license and life license in CA and would like to ask and get opinions and see what you think is best. 100% commission based job, commission and salary based job or purely salary.

Thanks so much for your opinions.

Starting out, I would go for salary or salary + bonus. Give yourself time to see if you like the work, and can make it in sales.

Once you learn it, like it and have enough confidence you can make it, there is time to cut the strings & move on.

This is a tough business. Most folks fail in their first 6 months and few make it beyond 18. I see no reason to put extra pressure on you by having a bunch of weeks strung together with goose eggs just so you can pat yourself on the back when you score $1000+ in a week.
Just realize that when you do something other than 100% commission, you will be giving up some freedom: owning the book of business and choice of prospecting methods are two I can think of off the top of my head.