COPD Med Supp

How difficult would it have been to plug in age 85, male, plan N . . . look for carriers with a lower rate and ask if any of them would consider writing this guy?
I was just giving you a hard time for not reading the title before posting. I did rate it and look at the carriers and I figured I'd ask here to cross reference the results vs the rates. I also don't know if my quoting tool gets every single carrier so I was double checking that as well.
Hello all,

someone just called me and is interested in looking at different gap plans since their plan N is going up in premium. I would like to look at other plans for him but he has copd and takes the following:

  • sympicort
  • spiriva
  • albuterol (inhaler and nebulizer)
  • BP and cholesterol meds
  • Ambien
  • Tramadol
I am going to guess there is not a carrier to write an 85 year old guy like this at a preferred rate. Just taking a shot in the dark to see if anyone knows of some magical carrier who would want to do this case.
I did a couple AEP

Not actively doing buis now going through some rebranding hierarchy change now so not writing much anything at the moment
I'd pass and just offer a Health Matching Account (that is guaranteed issue) If you need more information, contact me [email protected]