Couple needs $225,000 for retirement health care

I found this article today intersting from USA today:

Fidelity: Couple needs $225,000 for retirement health care -

With this coming out don't you see the value of health savings accounts even more by saving on premium and using the other money in the savings account for future medical expenses. What do you guys think of this article?

Very interesting articles. I read somewhere (have to find the link) that a couple will need $300,000 in savings to cover medical expenses during retirement starting from age 65. Take that number and spread it out over 20 years and you're looking at $1250 p/month.

Do any of the senior sales agents have clients spending that amount of money per month on ALL medical expenses?
Fidelity had it at $200,000 a few years ago. I guess there's inflation - could it possibly be???