Coventry telephonic enrollment or not?

Can you do a telephonic enrollment with Coventry or not?
I heard you can mail them out.

You can mail them and you can do telephonic enrollment. However, you must be face to face for the telephonic enrollment. I'd upload the file for documentation, but for some reason the forum isn't allowing it.
They have issued a new directive for phone enrollments.

New call-in number is: 1-866-520-4959. Beneficiary must be next to you at time of call, since they will speak with them also. All agent can provide is bene's name and phone, plus your name and number.

Be very careful of this....I posted 2-3 months ago how my commission wasn't paid timely because the phone reps screwed this up.

BTW...i finally got my pdp check for a case written in August. Arrived yesterday....Yeah, Coventry!!!!