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I am new to health and had a guys get declined because of HB,HC and just a little over weight. The underwritter said that the rating was over the allowed 75% rate up with Assurant. Do you guys have any suggestions on where to put him to to get some health coverage?:no:
Depends on how "little" overweight he is and what state you are in. Have no idea what carriers are available, so if you can tell us who is in your state it will be a start.
He is 5'7" 220 and have assurant, celtic, bcbs, golden rule, . any advice?
Celtic will probably decline. Blue can do anything. Depends on which state you are in. Each one is schizophrenic.

GR will possibly issue standard with a waiver on HBP & cholesterol.

How old is he?

Time would have rated 15% or 25% for wt, depending on age. Using the higher bump that's another 50%+ for meds. How many meds is he on?

World (yes, I know you did not mention them) would bump 20% for wt, 20% for each chol med and another 20% for each BP med. If he is on 2 meds for either condition they will decline as well. If you write a plan without copays you might get by with a lower rate up.
thanks Somarco
Who is World? Maybe I should get them!
By the way he is on two toal meds, one for each condition. HB,HC
I should probally just write golden rule and let them pu a waiver on the conditions. He wants coverage badly! Do you think this is the best route?
thanks again for your help.

They will rate for the conditions vs. putting a waiver. Depends on what he is trying to accomplish.

Most likely, GR will be the best option given the way they write their waivers. World will come in at a much higher price but will cover the pre-ex.