Dental vision help..

I agree, Guardian's Maximum rollover plan is sexy. If you're not familiar, Guardian rolls over a portion of the unused annual maximum.

I initially started selling whatever health plan I sold. If they were on Blue Cross, I just presented all their dental/vision plans. I soon learned to separate them. Employers change health plans all the time, but their dental/vision will always stick....especially if they have accumulated rollover max.
For an individual. Not a group. I did a OSG for an attorney and BC/BS does not offer dental or vision on the OSG.
Individual dental/vision is a total waste of money. They would be better paying those expenses via an HSA, or digging a hole in the ground and burying their money, then pulling out as needed.

VSP at one time had a stand alone vision plan and a dental/vision combo (using Delta) for a lot of money. Not sure if it is still available anywhere but you can check.

I have similar feelings about group dental & vision, but if the employer is funding it and views it strictly for what it is (employee appeasement) then cool. Otherwise, there are better uses for employer (and employee) dollars than dental.

Carriers are not totally stupid. They know how to structure & price these plans so they never lose money. Dental & vision claims are quite predictable (unlike medical) and these are big money makers for the carriers.

All the more reason to self insure or use DR plans (for group).
Many agents have had success with dental plans, like Aetna Dental Access, GE etc. Or recommend that the client ask the dentist to honor those discounts.