Differences between a broker, GA, WA?

If you're an Assurant GA and direct through a RSD you'll start out at 20% commish and after $100,000 is written you go to 25%. After $150,000 is written you get a dedicated underwriter (which is priceless) and a sales assistant. You also get more perks at $250,000 and $500,000 levels. You get bonuses that are only available to GAs and trips - only available to GAs. The downside is almost zero support.

If you're a writing agent under a GA you'll get between 15% to 20% paid direct from Assurant. In theory you get training and support. You cannot ever be paid more than 20% direct from Assurant as a writing agent, no bonuses and no trips. If you GA wants to cut you more than 20% under the table they'd have to do so with a personal check.

How does a being a broker compare to a GA?

This won't answer your question but I remember in CA insurance school they went on and on how life/health people are not "allowed" to call themselves 'brokers' as that term is reserved for P&C people. I don't know if that is still the case. Everyone in life/health that I know call themselves 'brokers.'

This is only pertaining to brokerages who act as a third party, collecting fees and premiums from the insurance and passing the premiums onto the insurance carriers. Doesn't apply to what we do.

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