Do you get free trips when you are independent?

mutual of omaha is going to vegas next year but this year all the winners are going to Italy, you would have to get I think 100000 AP which would be roughly 15-20 per month or around 200 in a year; very makable but you really could not sell much of anything else.
Lincoln Heritage is going to Paris your Qual. varies but starts @ $10000AP per month for final expense,they also have med.supps and acc. policy qual. They are also the only company that I know has a group health plan for their agents(I am interested in that) but you have to produce like $18000 AP every 3 months just for entry level which I think is $400 per month for ind. if you want to get your premiums down to only $100 per month you have to produce $36000AP every 3 months That's full time but you would be making some real money. I am really thinking hard in that direction just for that one benefit.
some companies sometimes have like a gift book where you get points when you sell a product and when you build up enough you redeem for items. I have seen golf clubs, flat screens,pool tables,even a Harley

I have done that before too, although it wasn't in insurance.
John 100,000 divided by 200 apps is a $45 premium roughly. 500AP per app.

;);):biggrin:hahahehehe it was 11 friggin o'clock last night and my meds. were making me o-so happy!! what can I say...right idea-wrong blueprint,
u get the picture though, it takes about 20 per month here in LA., I did the math once(I've blinked since then) and I was on track but then I got side-tracked on MA's and medical crap set in.
:no: Thats no excuse John. I couldnt sleep last night trying to figure out your math..
Just kiddin. I know some companies only credit like 75% of the premium so I didn't know if that was in your calculations.