Do you think there is a good opporunity here?




I have a contrarian streak in not following the herd.

Every agent and their dog are selling annuities. I wonder if there might be a good opportunity in buying annunities. Anyone have a practice doing this or know someone?

I have heard the market to look for is the people who bought Allianz annuities because they can't get out a lump sum, the only way to get the money out is over a 5 yr period. I'm not sure if the buy out is good though, I'm sure they take a pretty big chunk of change.
They also buy out lotto payments, and structured settlements. They must be making a ton of money on this, because they pay up to $40 per click on google.

From what I know, it is extremely hard to find qualified prospects. Consider this:
Finding people to buy Annuities is very difficult. Lets say it is 5% of the population. Imagine how difficult it is to find the 5% of those people, who are looking to sell their annuity?

I think that the only people who can really make money with this, are those who actually sell annuities, and have a very large base of potential sellers.
Not really. It is usually done in a personal injury case, as the funs are not taxable, and it makes sense to allow them to grow on a tax FREE basis. Without the favorable tax treatment, most settlements are paid in a lump sum.