Does HIV = Diabetes?

A lady called me, looking for insurance. Only problem is, she has HIV, and takes meds for it. Is HIV treated like Diabetes?

Any suggestions, other than HIPAA risk pool.
HIV meds can be more expensive than insulin, so I would expect that the only way she would qualify is with a condition specific exclusion. Just a guess.
HIV is an automatic decline for health insurance. She can go the HIPAA route with COBRA, enhanced conversion or assignment.
I saw a report that said HIV meds can cost as much as $600,000 per year depending on how the virus has progressed. State health pool is probably the only option.
Ok, guys I have a one query about health insurance on Diabetes. Actually in my family every one is a diabetic patients. It's like a genetic disease in my family. My father, Grand father and also his father was a victim of this disease. Now I am bit worried about myself!!! Is there any insurance policy is present in market which will cover my treatment if in future I became a diabetic patient? If any one know about this then please tell me.

somarco said:
Like with most illness, you have to buy the insurance BEFORE you are sick or injured.

But Somarco, he doesn't need it now...He only needs it when he get's sick!! LOL!

It still amazes me how many people think this way, oh I'll just get insurance when I get sick.

FYI, If it's in your family I'd make dang sure you have a good policy in force tomorrow if you don't already!!

Good luck!
Well I dont understand how one can compare these two diseases? Both of them are from different origins and therefore it is natural that the treatment undertaken would be vastly different too. What is more surprising to note that both of these problems are so commonly discussed nowadays as patients who have either of the two problems are in bulk. How on earth can we draw a relationship between them? :roll: