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Do any individual carriers allow dual coverage? I have a client who is going to be doing contract work with federal benefits 6 months per year but wants to maintain his individual (very high deductible) policy so that he doesn't have to worry about qualifying for coverage should his health status change. So far it looks like no body wants to take that on, it seems like they would want to share the risk and coordinate benefits? I know that there may be a legal issue here - but from the way it is worded in agent sales guides it just looks like it is a company decision.

Of course, I haven't had any clients even thought about keeping coverage if someone else was going to pay for it.
Not sure, but you need to make sure you give him correct information. I would call his insurance company and ask them. I wouldn't throw up any red flags by giving you clients information, but they are going to be the best resource for you.
I am sure this varies by carrier and state. In California, only Blue Shield will allow someone to enroll on an individual plan while continuing other coverage (group or other individual plan).

However, there is no COB in that situation, pick whichever card you want and use it, but don't try to get a COB on your benefits.

Cross, Health Net, and I believe all of the few remaining require you to surrender the other contract to enroll in their plan.
Usually you are required to surrender coverage as there is no coordination of benefits. I have never seen an individual carrier that allows dual coverage.

It is funny I can't convince people to want to buy ONE policy , and occasionally we run into people wanting to buy two.
I know, it was suprising to me that he is willing to pay for the extra 6 months per year. He is probably the same guy who doesnt own more house than he can afford, puts money away every month and will actually max out his HSA.

That having been said, it looks like as long as he signs up on the individual plan while he is not covered, neither company can force him to give it up. He would just pick which card he wants to give - this is with BCBS of SC anyway as they were best for him overall.