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I tried posting this earlier in a thread that talked about 800 numbers and e-mail faxes, but it apparently got zapped. My question to you guys who use e-mail fax is: aren't you concerned by the lack of safeguards? Doesn't the e-mail Fax come into your e-mail page? I don't care how much security you put in e-mail, somebody out there can crack it. I recently dealt with an insurance carrier who refused to e-mail me information regarding my client, but they offered to send it by regular fax or snail mail. I would like to hear your thoughts and/or experiences on this. Thanks.:goofy:
Thanks for the reply, Bob. However, isn't there a concern that the e-mail file can be corupted or hijacked by someone?

With a regular fax, people can also tap into your phone lines, go through your trash, etc, etc. Face it, neither is very secure. Emailing an encrypted pdf is far more secure than faxing.

Besides, I don't care if someone knows that I can buy term life insurance at new incredible rates, or book a low cost vacation to Disney, or any of the other million junk faxes I get.

Can email be corrupted? Sure, but I've also gotten corrupted paper faxes. Not much difference. Can email be hijacked? Yes. You want my spam, go for it. If you are in a multi person office, the paper fax can be hijacked much easier.

Rule # 1 - NEVER discuss personal identifying information over an e-mail with any client or anybody you know. Better to use the telephone.

Rule # 2 - Check your local recording laws and adopt a "This call may be recorded for yadda, yadda, yadda." Some states requires both parties to either acknowledge OR give consent to be recorded, while either states only require one party. Find out here http://www.rcfp.org/taping/ and with a local attorney.

The amount of money it costs to fully secure data is "out of reach" for most small business owners and consumers. Do some research on google and see what the government has to go through in order to protect it's information.