E & O Insurance - where to get it


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Dropping out of the captive market and going independent. Need to get my own E & O now. Called my State Farm Agent...they do not right life and health E & O, on P & C. Going to do the senior market. Any directions would be appreciated.
I would just call them. They are very nice small operation. Couldn't find anyone nicer to work with. I only use them for 2 med supp companies. They also have that JH UL-G with the LTC rider.

I use them for Admiral and Sterling. They also have RNA.
Just a little input if I may. I have had NAPA since I entered into the industry over 2 years ago, haven't had a problem with them really other than when I left the company I was with and went independent, the new company was going to pay my first six months of E & O, however, I could not take advantage of that due to the E & O coverage with NAPA is a binding contract for one year, (cannot be canceled)