Newly licensed and not sure where to begin


Hi everyone! I'm newly licensed in California. I have my L&H and P&C licenses. Initially, I was going to start with Symmetry. But now that I'm licensed, I no longer feel Symmetry is the right option for me after doing some research of my own on them, so I'm finding myself looking into how to proceed since Symmetry was my plan. Insurance is a whole new world to me. I'm looking for someone that is experienced that I can work with to learn the ropes and ask questions when I need support ... perhaps a mentor.

I feel like I'd like to get started with life insurance and auto insurance. I have a great relationship with a car dealership that will send me some business when they have a car buyer that needs auto insurance. And I've always felt that life insurance is something important that everyone should have so I'm passionate about life insurance. I'd like to be independent. I don't want to be a captive agent. I've been doing some reading and honestly, IMO's and FMO's sound like they're pretty much the same thing?? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

A little about me. I've been self-employed for 20+ years. I was in real estate for a bit and still hold a valid Cali real estate license. I really liked real estate until the buyers I was working with became primarily investors where I live and there's great money in it but I found myself no longer passionate about real estate because many people that dreamed of being home owners were priced out of the market due to investors coming in and driving home prices up and buying up homes. So, I took a break from real estate. I've been self-employed and co-owner with my hubs of our small two person business since 2010. I'm not new to the sales world ... but I am new to the insurance industry. I'm great to my clients and believe in providing great service. I've worked with people from all walks of life and all ages. I'm not an aggressive sales person and even though I've been in sales, I don't see myself as a sales person. I see myself as someone that provides a service to people. I build relationships and trust with my clients and that has served me well as most clients will send me referrals because they trust me.

I'm also able to create my own leads. My hubs builds sales funnels and can create and run ads for me.

Any feedback on where to start, how to get started and companies that would be great to get started with that provide support for those just getting started and still have a lot to learn is greatly appreciated. Thank you
@marindependent Yes, I agree on the auto insurance in Cali right now ... looks like homeowners is also a problem. Auto insurance wouldn't be my focus ... but like I said, I have a great relationship with a car dealership that will send me business so why not take the business and build a relationship with those potential clients ... and possibly sell them Life as well at some point? I've worked with clients that needed one product/service and ended up discussing other products/services and selling that as well.
looks like homeowners is also a problem
You dont say.
I have a great relationship with a car dealership that will send me business so why not take the business
Because there is no place to bind it. And even if you could its taking 5 times longer than it used to.
possibly sell them Life as well at some point?
If telling them that you have no immediate auto insurance options and then pivoting to selling them a life policy will work for you - than go for it.

Sorry - but I'm not sure you are understanding the magnitude of the problem [Even Geico is not really writing right now] I would [first] find an MGA or Insurer that is willing to do immediate Auto binds in California right now before you move forward. This problem could be solved next week or next decade. Hard to Say - but tough to move forward with a business plan that requires you have instant policy binding.
@Al3x Lee Yes, I wasn't implying that he didn't give me guidance. I think he gave me some valuable feedback.

I was really only going to try auto insurance due to my connection with a car dealership. It wasn't going to be my main focus. My primary focus will be on Life ins. I need to consider my options which is why I appreciate any feedback I get. Often times others will mention things that I don't think of, especially since I'm new to this world. Thanks for your feedback.
I dunno about cali but are there still some big players around like allstate or AAA or Farmers or state farm? or are there brokers/indy agents around who may like to hire a producer? I have enough trouble keeping up with Texas so I dunno about cali. Or if you truly want to do life, maybe career agent with like NY life or mutual of omaha or something? look around... they are out there.