easy to work with Broker Dealer?


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Hi all,

I just joined this site after reading it for a awhile. I am hoping someone here can give me a few contacts for this question.....

I am an insurance agent with a 6 and 63, I have a modest book of MF business. Does anyone work with a broker dealer who doesn't have production requirements?

I am independent and I have never been a quota fan, I just don't see how agent quotas are good for clients. Plus, I might as well be somebody's employee if I have to hit some mark that someone else created to determine my "value".

When I came into this business 19 years ago (nyl) part of it was the variety of products they "sold" at that time. Then management changed and products started dropping off, others didn't count as "points" and such. Sales managers were pressuring me to sell product A when product B was really the best choice for the client, but B paid less of an over-ride.

Anyway, I could go for days, what I really need to know is does anybody have somebody out there that they work with that doesn't create an "employee" atmosphere for an independent? Much thanks.
Call Kirk Reichley at Brokerage One Agency 1800-365-2646.
I've dealt with him for years. He has help me out alot getting started in the biz. Also has a lot a good contracts.