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Errors & Omissions and An Agency’s Value Proposition

Since I'm commerical p&c, there are a lot more ins and outs and coverages to get or not get, which vary widely based on the client's situation, risk, tolerance, bottom line, etc. than most other lines.

So, since I am going into lots of detail about different coverages, what they can and can't get, do and don't need, with a client that is almost always a referral to start with, then I don't really need to propose value. It's pretty clear through the process.

Personal lines, though, is less dynamic and more available through different sources, so it doesn't work quite the same way.
I do everything I can to help the clients, but as far as putting designations past my name, no. As far as what I do, from my experience, you learn far more being involved in the day to day than when you get from certifications. But again, that's just me.
But how do you feel about providing "great advice to clients"... or in positing yourself as "a specialist"...and lastly " where to draw the line? "
great advice to clients - through knowledge fitting your client's particular situation
a specialist - a specialty line you feel expert , let say commercial but for large new constr contractors, or small contractors, and a field you know, or you specialize in commercial auto insurance
where to draw the line? - the line is up to your confidence, and you will be constantly improving
You should fit a niche.
This is my opinion. The insurance field is huge, so we should find our place in it.
I was doing "light" commercial and health insurance. Became difficult to upkeep my constant education and advertisement on both too different spectrums and replaced the P&C part with Medicare Advantage. Now the client from under 65 still with me after reaching 65 and I have time to learn more and build relationships.
Bringing expertise on the table takes time. You need to follow all general news and the news in the industry, educate yourself, think strategically, built sense for what is going on. But time works with you. One step at a time.
Hope, this was helpful.