Even Suze Orman now Doesn't Like the Cost of Her Florida Condo Insurance Policy


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Suze Orman scoffed at a $28K insurance quote for her Florida condo — says the insurer 'will probably contest' any claim she files anyway. Why this alarming trend threatens US home ownership

Suze Orman uses her money to buy herself some nice things — like a condo in Florida right on the ocean.

It’s an idyllic place to live. That is, until the personal finance celebrity recently received an insurance quote for this 2,100-square foot property.

“I'm not paying $28,000 a year when the insurer will probably contest any claim I get anyway,” Orman told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview. “Are you kidding me?”

Orman has enough money to turn her insurance provider down and self-insure. But she knows that many other Americans don’t have the same luxury — and she’s worried about this. Here’s why.

Homeowners in Florida is outrageous, with many leaving the state. I get it, the claims that so many took claims to the cleaners....but still.

I wish it wasn't the case.
First, I think the comment is rather foolish -- why pay because they will probably contest any claim she files? It's one of those amateurish statements. Second, Suze Orman is not qualified and does not professionally advise clients like herself. She's not a specialist and is truly not qualified to give sound, quality, comprehensive financial advice to anyone like herself, especially herself. She's not a wealth management expert, she doesn't operate in the HNW, affluent, etc., marketplace.

That said, Orman was anti-LTC, until she got a deal/partnership, and even with that, by the time she applied for LTC for her mother, she got declined, and Orman's response was, fortunately, I am able to pay for her care. Other than her experience at a wirehouse, I am not sure what her experience is regarding comprehensive tax, estate, wealth management planning. Listen, if you are broke, in debt, need some real rehabilitation type help, her advice can help. But she's not the end all cure all of financial advice.
She gives people financial advice, and also leads by example declaring she won't insure her property? This alone makes me think she is a terrible leader, and advisor.

So she tells us commoners, us poors, to insure our property, be fincnailly responsible, but she won't do the same?
I had one of Suzi Ormon’s books back when she was popular. It had a question and answer format. One persons question was: We are talking to a life insurance agent and his Business card says CLU after his name. He tells us that means he has achieved a high level of advanced training for his profession. Is that correct?

Suzi’s answer: No. All life insurance agents have to pass the CLU in order to be licensed. They can all put CLU after their name if they want to. It doesn’t mean anything.

I can understand this mistake if she is just talking off the top of her head. But this is an answer she had in her published hardback book. It was my first sign that she was clueless.
She's a total fake, and it goes to show you that a pretty....well, let's say symmetrical, semi-benign face with whitened teeth and a cutesy way of acting, enchants anyone that doesn't want to, nor perhaps can roll up their sleeves and do any hard core critical thinking.
She and Dave Ramsey are a pair!

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