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Farm & Ranch Healthcare

Just wanted to see if anyone has had any dealings with this company, saw it on CareerBuilder, looked good but I'm a Newb and at this point anything would look good, well almost anything!
I hear a lot of people complain about all the holes in their coverage thru Farm & Ranch. Many people feel that they were mislead when they purchased it.

Here in Ohio they use United American / hospital indemnity plan and sell it as major medical plans with a discount card. They contacted me one time to try sell me insurance . I played along and listen to their pitch.
I can tell you first hand that the person I spoke to was very disceptive
and high pressure.
[quote="Michael HaislipThere's nothing wrong with them, but don't call them major medical.[/quote]

so whats right about a non~major medical........
Michael Haislip said:
Some of us can't get major medical. Enjoy your good health.

The system is designed for all of us to get major medical.......
well one can go to work for someone with a group health plan(or in some cases have a 2 man group written),or they can get an individual plan(and if declined) ,go to the high risk health pool or a one man group depending on your state....now you might have to go with a high deductible to make it cost effective or affordable but is better than 1/2 a health plan......
You have to look at the individual's situation. Not everyone can just go out a get a job with benefits or form a two-man group. If the person is in Tennessee, those are the only options. Is it better to have some coverage than none? Or is it major medical or nothing?