Fax Serivice?


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Can anyone recommend a good online company to use for faxes? I am sick and tired of my fax machine f-ing up on me! I want to use my current fax number and transfer it to an email fax. Is that possible? What is the cheapest route to go?

I've used Efax for years. No paper jams, no running out of paper, no running out of toner and since you use your printer instead of fax toner it prints out much clearer. I'm not sure if you can switch your current fax number.

I use the free service for unlimited incoming faxs to my email and use my own fax for outgoing. The only draw back is the free service will not assign a local number - this does not pose a major problem for me.
maxemail.com is the best. I did a ton of research when I looked for a fax company and all the online forums concerned with these services gave the best marks to maxemail. I highly recommend them.