Feedback On Companies

Carriers can claim anything.

They seem to be quite anal about their underwriting. A clean app can be turned around in 2 - 3 days but almost anyone will do that.

In some areas, particularly in GA, they are not as competitive as other carriers.

I do like their One Deductible with the 3 yr rate guarantee. Can't say much about their other plans. Mostly a "one horse" carrier.
There are no perfect companies. You will note I did not rate anyone better than good.

If you are rating carriers according to the way they pay commissions you will not be long in this business.

As earned takes you a few months to ramp up but makes a man (or woman) of you. It works quite well for me and a few others on this board.

If you want commissions quicker, sell life insurance with annual premiums. All my life sales are annual. No monthly premiums, no advance. I do have a handful of quarterly premiums but most are annual.
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You can get a Golden Rule advance but have to either find a Key Broker who's willing to advance you or wait until you have 150 health policies on the books in a 12 month period of time and get your own broker contact.

Although you can't sell just based on commissions, you also can't sell just on low commissions. I'm not sure I'd be doing that well just selling Carefirst at $17.50 per app. If some of the best carriers in your state also pay the lowest commissions I'd suggest another line of business.
Golden Rule Contracts with Advance
Here's an offer that doesn't come around too often-a Golden Rule contract with an advance.

This is a limited time offer as GR limits the number of sub-brokers under a Key Broker account.

Please email us at [email protected] for details

This was on the forum maybe it will help