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Midwest Kev

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Does anyone have any experience with this IMO? They came recommended to me by P&C Aggregator, but was curious if anyone has dealt with them before? Good commission structure, strict non-compete, helpful upline with good training/leads/back office support? Any info would be great.

They are a quality upline. They offer street comp on everything, they can go higher if you have proof of production and commit a certain amount. They offer pretty much any carrier you will need for middle market to upper market sales of life & annuity products. Seemed to have knowledgeable back office support. Dont know about leads. They are a high quality professional IMO that has been recommended by many here on this forum over the years.
That is good to hear, I did search and saw some stuff mentioning them, but nothing too specific. Thanks for the feedback!
Strict noncompete means make a business decision going in and the potential coming out. Yet I have no clue who they are.