Who has worked with the The Institute of Financial Wellness?

My current IMO had a presentation by The Institute of Financial Wellness that would give us access to a Tom Hegna Approved Software: "That is a game-changing tool endorsed by Tom Hegna himself, proven to enhance your closing rates and boost your success" was the pitch.

We would have a dedicated call center with consumers opting in for a webinars and agents work virtually with consumers in different states where those consumers make appointments with agents. The price is pretty high and the agent would need to get appointed per state in order to close deals.

Erik Sussman CEO was on the presentation and pretty much wanted to be transparent and stated to not expect to generate closings by the 1st to a couple of months and it would take time. I googled them and they only have 7 reviews with a 2.7 score and some agents that are not happy and 42 Facebook reviews that are mostly crypto scams and they have bothered to clean up?
I know Eric Sussman, he would not be involved in a scam.
Whether or not his system has value, I don't know.
I believe this is a new venture for him.
None of these systems close sales for you.
Whether it's is LEAP Circle of Wealth or whatever, they don't close the sale....you do.
If you are an old baseball fan you may remember Yogi Berra.
When he came up to bat he used to genuflect.
He was once asked if it helps he said "only if you can hit"
If you can't close there is no system that will do it for you.