has anyone worked with Jeremiah Desmarais?

He use to be one of the wigs at Norvax. His strong suit back then was marketing. But that was back before Obama got his insurance license.

No idea what he's up to now.
Between his team and I, we had a major coding error. I referred probably a few dozen agents to sign up for free courses, etc. Then, if they were to buy anything, I'd get a commission of some kind.

I naturally expected a lot of cross-over between my group and his Facebook group. After six months, there was only ONE person coded to my affiliate ID. So I pulled the plug on it, but Jeremiah did provide some compensation just for trying it and realizing that it wasn't anything that I did.

Of course, this isn't commentary on his educational programs for advisors, but just working with him in a joint venture. I'm sure they've fixed it, but we haven't tried working together again (yet). Maybe one day we'll try again.