Finding an FMO


I would also like advice on finding an additional FMO or two. I currently have an FMO that has two MA products, but nothing else. I called a guy today with Copeland Group out of Texas. They sounded great, lots of good products, but .... no leads. You could buy postcard mailers and you could buy "scrubbed lists" but they didn't actually have leads for people who were interested in the products. This didn't seem like it would be worthwhile to me. I want leads, but I don't want appointments set for me, as I have to work around my wife's schedule and the kids. This leaves me free to work every morning, and some afternoons, as well as weekends. How does one find an FMO, how do you know if they are good. Mary, on this group, sent me some info and she spoke very highly of two of her FMO's, both of whom offer things that I don't currently have, an end of life/burial policy and a medicare insurance supplement policy. This sounds good to me, but do I just sign up, or do I do more research.
Your insightful opinions welcomed! :D


Go with the scrub list and make the calls! Bypass all the agencies and get appointed directly with the carrier if at all possible such as World or Sterling Investors Life out of Texas. You'll make more and have dominion over your world.
Our office (see signature) offers 4 different MA carriers. United Health Care, Pyramid, Coventry, and Wellcare. We also have many other carriers and products available for other business. I would encourage you to take a quick glance though our website and see if there's anything of interest to you. Jack Schroeder and Associates is very well known for our unmatched agent support and contact. If you're looking for leads, we have a program available for any contracted agent holding two or more companies through our office. Feel free to call any of our Marketing reps through the number listed on our site if you'd like more information. 8)
Look in the Senior forum. Mary mentioned a company MSIS that has leads for hospital indemnity plans. 1-800-845-8765. They also carry med supp companies. Not sure about MA plans. Also Medicare Advantage Consulants. 800-998-7715 Good luck.