Florida Appointment Help Needed


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I live in Florida and was wondering whether to go direct with these health carriers or through an FMO or GA.

Here are the companies I want to sell for:

Golden Rule

If I should go direct, then please list who I should go direct with. And if I need a GA or FMO for some of these carriers, then please point me in the right direction as to who I should contract with as I am confused at which FMO or GA are well respected.

I was reading on the forum about how some GA or FMO offer free E&O which sounds good to me too. Any and all help is appreicated.

PS If you recommend any other carriers, please let me know. Just trying to get my business off the ground and want to offer more companies than I currently offer.
Actually a mix of as-earned and advances would be great. Right now I am on a year advance from Assurant at my GA, but if a client cancels within the first year I lose all my commish which I don't like. I was hoping I could keep my commish pro-rated based on however many months they were on board.
What? You only get charged back the portion of unearned advance. So if you take an Assurant advance of $1,200 and the client cancels after 6 months of premiums were remitted you get charged back $600 - not $1,200.
About half of the companies on your list are worthless from a competitive standpoint (Celtic would be a prime example). No need to waste your time.

Geography makes a HUGE difference, it's a big state. Where are you located in Florida?
No. I get charged back for the whole year advance. But, I have heard from some people they get a pro-rated chargeback. I thought this was possible.
The only carrier that makes life very hard on your is GR - horrible appointment system.

If you want an advance they've so determined that you can't get paid direct. If you NEED a GR advance then your it's Health Choice One with Scott since it's 20% and he'll release you with a 30 day notice.

If you don't need an advance go direct with GR. Then they put you on 15% (why? Dunno) until you write 12 apps....then they grace you with 20%.

Don't go direct and change your mind though - they won't release you.