Follow up email from lead


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I can't remember who it was (I believe either somarco or melmunch), but someone has their email set up to automatically send out to leads that are incoming.

What I'm looking for is the content of the email (it addressed what the person was about to experience as far as having numerous agents call, etc.) I've been trying to go back through the threads but can't find it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
melmunch or somarco?

ok, melmunch hasn't responded so maybe it was somarco...did he bolt from the forum?

does anybody know what i'm talking about regarding the follow up email?

does anybody care?
Good things come, to those who wait.

I had mentioned it in reference to a discussion about insurance leads, in that it is an important feature to have with a company.

The reality is that the actual message is much less important than the fact that your name is in front of them, and they know what you are offering. The point is, they may not be ready to buy, for a hundred reasons, but you never know when your follow up email, or newsletter, will get there at exactly the right time.

If you are buying leads, or even generating them yourself, you should be noting which ones have yet to respond, or have asked for some "time" and you either use a lead company, or Frank's software, or Norvax or create your own script. The important thing is, everyone agrees that this will make you more money.

I operate mostly in the group market, and every once in a while, I email then call old leads, and a good part of my new business comes from those contacts.

If you want an actual script, I can think one up, but I bet yours would be as good as mine. The important thing is to have one, and to make sure it actually gets sent.