Free Insurance Magazines


Every once in a while, agents will ask what they should be reading to stay current with industry trends, new products, sales ideas and other aspects of the business. There are already several threads about this topic, with some good links in them.

For your convenience, you may now sign up for many of these free publications in one location. You can see the list of insurance magazines and publications, and sign up for them directly, from here.

If you are interested in Finance magazines, including financial planning and investment advising magazines, You can see the list and sign up for them directly, from here. (I particularly like Investment Advisor, Financial Planning, and CFO magazine.

If you are looking for employee benefits and HR magazines, You can see the list and sign up for them directly, from here. In particular, Employee Benefit News is an amazing resource.

These free magazines are a good way to stay current or increase your industry knowledge, and I highly recommend them to anyone wishing to get better at what they do. In addition to these categories, there are thousands of other free trade magazines, that may interest you. You can see industry specific links on the side of the pages that are linked to above.*

*Disclosure- The forum receives 50 cents for each qualified sign up. Hardly a way to get rich, but it helps offset the costs of the forum.
I signed up and all I have been getting is email solicitations for more stuff. Finally asked them to remove me from their list.

Anyone else have this problem?
I have yet to see any of the 6 magazines I requested... doesn't matter I guess... I wouldn't have time to read them anyway by the time I read all of the emails they send me.
I havent recieved mine either. They are very slow at getting a membership started. I ordered Senior market and boomer market advisor. I have had senior market advisor b4.