Free Leads From Aetna...


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Just got a letter dated Oct 26 where they will be sending some free leads each week (to my email).

Anybody know any additional details?

Thank you in advance.

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I have not heard this. However, with only 5 cases on the books, they may not be that interested in getting them to me.

Have received no mail correspondence on this.
tHIS IS ALL i GOT...........

[FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica]October 31, 2007[/FONT]
[FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica]Aetna modifying policies to help members in fire-ravaged California areas

Please notify your Southern California clients as appropriate.

Beginning Monday, October 22, we modified policies to meet the prescription drug needs of our members in the path of the fires in the seven counties that have been declared disaster areas by the state of California (Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside and Ventura). In these counties:

<li type="square">Members who had to flee without their medications, or want to refill prescriptions so that they can be prepared to evacuate, can refill their prescriptions early.

<li type="square">Members whose mail-order medications were lost or damaged in transit are able to get refills with no copay.

<li type="square">Members whose plans require them to use mail-order for certain medications can fill these prescriptions at a local pharmacy during the emergency period.

<li type="square">Aetna Specialty Pharmacy has been contacting members in the affected areas who are expecting deliveries, so they can make sure the members are able to receive their medications at their original or an alternative address.

<li type="square">Aetna Rx Home Delivery is filling orders for the affected areas, but carriers are holding the deliveries until they are able to complete them. Members can contact customer service to request alternative delivery sites, or fill their prescriptions locally.

Medical care
It is important to remember that our members can seek urgent or emergency care anywhere, as needed. For members in San Diego County, where we know the fire has caused the closure of hospitals and physician offices, we are also approving non-emergency care for members at out-of-network providers through November 10. This allows members who can’t access their normal providers to receive the care they need at an in-network coverage level. Members can always call Aetna Member Services to locate another provider.

Behavioral Health
Aetna Behavioral Health is making its telephone assistance program available to all Aetna members during this time of need through November 10. Aetna members can contact the program at 1-888-AETNA-32 (1-888-238-6232) for telephonic consultation, referrals, or general information such as areas affected by the fires, shelters, government resources, and how to locate loved ones.
[FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica][FONT=verdana,arial,helvetica]We're Here to Help You Sell
Our Broker Sales Support team is ready to help you. Call: 1-888-54 AETNA (1-888-542-3862). The office is open 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

Thank You for Your Business!
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I got the same letter in the mail today. I guess the leads will start coming in soon.

I get some from Golden Rule already. Hopefully some of the other companies will offer leads as well although I will also cash any bonus checks they want to send me in lieu of leads.
Do you feel honor-bound to sell Aetna products to Aetna-supplied free leads?

Do you feel honor-bound to sell Aetna products to Aetna-supplied free leads?


Absolutely not.

They get plenty of applications from me because in many cases they are the best company for my clients. They will continue to get apps from me as long as that is the case.

I'm sure that the "free" leads promotion is being sent to us in lieu of contest money. I'm sure that cost of these leads comes from the same budget. They are not going to tell me what products to sell any more than they are going to tell me how to spend a cash bonus.
GR has been providing me with free leads since August. Generally, they are of poor quality, but they are free.

I have received about 80 leads in that time frame and sold 4 . . . only one with GR.

I still place business with GR from other lead sources including referrals.

I have been told the program will continue into 2008 but with fewer agents participating. I do not anticipate the quality will improve but it could mean more leads for the active producers.
Do you feel honor-bound to sell Aetna products to Aetna-supplied free leads?


No. I use Aetna for female smokers (ages35-59) and families of six and above. Or, I should say they are in the mix with those scenarios.

I like working with them. They sent a bonus check this week (it arrives every quarter) and I got a shipment of about 25 nice polo shirts a few months ago. I think the shirts were sent in an effort to refer more people to write Aetna.