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Is there a tool out there that will help a client or an agent compare policies with different deductibles?

I've found it hard to get prospective clients who are used to low deductible co-pay plans to consider HSAs and other high deductible plans. I got sick of hand calculating various scenarios.

I'm almost finished writing a web-based program that will show how much a policy will cost them when you add up the premium and the cost-shares.

:)If you want to link to a version of my program (for free) - that has my logo removed - PM me.

Basically the program asks for the premium and the cost-shares of the plans a client is considering and then asks for their predictions regarding costs in the doctors' office, pharmacy and hospital. Then the program will tell them how much they will spend when you add the premium, the deductibles the co-insurance and the co-pays.

Please let me know if you are aware of another site that has something similar. before I finish coding the pages, I want to see if somebody else has a feature I've missed.
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My understanding is that eHealth and Quotit give quotes for various policies. That is not what I'm doing; this tool won't give quotes.

I'm creating a better way for people to compare dissimilar policies.

I want to answer the question "Is it better for me to buy this high deductible policy that costs $100 a month or that low deductible policy policy that costs $200 a month?"

I want my clients to see the combined costs (premiums plus deductibles and other cost shares) for a given policy based on different scenarios.
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Where have you been (Alston)? Haven't seen you posting in quite some time. You have been missed.

Thought I would see you at the HTQ agent advisory board last month.
Thanks for the link - I learned from it and see it's usefulness.


To me HSA's make great sense. If I were to write them - what would the top 4 products / companies be? Just curious.


Depends on where you write business. Some states local Blue Cross/Blue Shield has the best HSA.

I would say all HSA's are about the same except for preventative care some companies offered it for first dollar coverage deductible waived for the whole bill or give you a dollar amount each year.

For example Humana offers free prevantative Golden Rule does not. Though Humana may have a smaller network then Golden Rule in your state you need to just need to look up all the HSA plans in your state to determine that answer.