Gatekeepers @%#&

Never ask to speak to the owner. Say something like,"can you help me". I suggest buying The Sales Bible by Jeffrey Gittomer.
I personally don't mess with them - but everyone has their own system and level of comfort. For me it's better to move onto the next call then go toe to toe with the gatekeeper. Some will indeed simply patch me through, but I don't have for who I am, why I'm calling, what my business is, etc....

I simply find telemarketing more enjoyable when I talk to high numbers of people and find my natural market.
I have just been asking for the owner by name. When asked what its regarding I'm being honest and saying I am calling to offer them a savings of 30% or more on their current health plan. Hasen't worked once. The owner is always busy or not in. I am going to take a look at the books suggested above to see if there is anything in there that may be helpful. Thanks again.
Books won't get you past. When I had a secretary and was busy I'd tell her "no calls." That means no one gets through. Some of these owners receive a lot of telemarketing calls and gatekeepers have strict orders to screen you out:

"What is this regarding"

is basically the nail in the coffin.
That is what I figured. However, I have to say something while I have her on the phone. I might as well try to get creative and see if it works right? It can't hurt.