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I am totally convinced that places like Health Benefits Direct and the other boiler room operations give their pushers a bonus based on apps submitted.

Talked to a fellow today who said he already has an app in with Golden Rule thru someone out of FL.

Me -Really? They won't take you?

Him - Why not?

Me - You had a 5x bypass, you take cholesterol meds, are a smoker, are overweight and have type II diabetes.

Him - All of that is under control and the guy told me since the bypass was in 2003 it was not an issue.

Me - They don't know what they are talking about.

Him - Well, I guess there is no reason for me to continue wasting your time. Goodbye.

I guess not . . .
I've talked with two ex-agents from this outfit and both said the same thing; they are given free leads and management is extremely heavy-handed - either close or get out. One had a really great commission structure - they gave him $100 per app and wanted 3 to 5 apps a day out of him. Actually, not bad for $300 to $500 a day.

But to your post Somarco - there are NO CHARGEBACKS!!! The reps are paid the $100 per app just to submit it and there's enough room in the commish to handle apps that don't go through.

Here's your math:

They're at 30% (or possibly higher) levels. Pay the agent a flat $100 just on submission with no chargebacks with the average volume being $3,000. That gives them $900 and they're giving up $100 leaving $800 to play with. So even with non-issued deals and charebacks they will make a hideous profit.

Some of the better agents can get 40 to 50 leads a day and it's "one shot one kill" only. Other agents follow up on the non-closed leads but not the initial agent.
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True - you still can't say the average premium is less than $2,500 - that's only $208 a month.

That's $750 to Health Benefits and $650 after they pay the agent. $550 gives them a lot of room and I can guarantee you Health Benefits are getting more than a 30% deal - more like 37% to 40%. They are massive.

Bottom line is they do pay on submission and that's what you're fighting.
And by the way, all the leads not sold turn into "B leads" and agents call them periodically. So you sold that great HSA six months ago? Expect a Health Benefits agent to call and try to yank them off it.
From what I'm told Health Benefits Direct submit 1800 Golden Rule and 2200 Assurant apps a month.
I doubt I have ever lost a client to HBD, or eHealth. But I have certainly taken a few away from them.