Looking to get back into the business


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Hello all!

I found this forum while researching the logistics of opening an Indy agency and have learned quite a bit already from the fine folks here. I am a licensed property, casualty, and life agent in KY and haven’t worked in insurance for almost a year and a half now due to a noncompete.

I’m looking to start an agency, preferably through a cluster/aggregator, once the time comes but am at a loss for where to begin. As many have said, the P&C market isn’t the best right now and I’ve pondered focusing on the life side of things to start out.

Any guidance towards good first steps to take, solid clusters to explore, logistics of the business itself, or anything else you might tell your younger self if you were starting out again would be greatly appreciated!

As many have said, the P&C market isn’t the best right now
Its not nearly that good. Its horrendous and spreading across the country. That Texas wildfire may change things, trust me.

Question, have you ever worked at an Independent Agency before? That is the one step I would consider doing for at least 6 months, perhaps a year. Even if it is unenjoyable and or below your pay grade. You will learn so much in how these operations work - you will save yourself years worth of time.
I have! That’s there I started out, I’m familiar with ezlynx and have quoted through roughly 20-30 carriers for personal and commercial. It was a solid gig but commission percentages were low and I ended up having to move for family reasons.