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Getting started in the business


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I didn't want to hijack send4linda's thread, so this is my question:

Since most big companies want captive agents but sign them up as contractors on commission only, the only advantage in going with them (as I see it) is training.

Having to start out as an independant, how could one find an MGA willing to mentor a new fledgling and at the same time split commissions so that he doesn't starve to death before building a book of business? This would even the above stated advantage and introduce an advantage of keeping the book of business.

I live in the Kansas City area. Is there anyone reading this board have a referral to an independant MGA willing to discuss this with me?
List of Managing General Agencies - getting started

I exported a list of primarily Life general agencies from my favorites, into an Excel file that I have attached. It is a good place to get started.


  • life_managing_general_agencies_842.xls
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