Getting started in Wisconsin


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Hello. New to the forum but I am glad I found this site. I have been reading as much info as I can on here lately. I have been contemplating starting a career in insurance now for over a year but have yet to pull the trigger. I recently moved to Wisconsin and was wondering about what might be the best way to get started. From what I have read becoming independent is the way to go but I have very few contacts at all. I have read that this can be a tough business to get into and succeed. I have enough in savings to get me through the first 6 months or so to start out but I don't even know if I want to get into P&C, L&H, both or whatnot. Is starting out captive probably the best way for someone in my shoes to go about starting a career? Do very few people that start out independent actually make it? Any info or advice would be great. Thanks!