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Good place to get t65 lists

Yes, you can seach by income, owner or renter, state, zip, age, DOB, and more.

We average 80-85% accuracy which will vary with searches. I always say that renters are not as accurate as homeowners, and pizza shops and hairdressers are not as accurate as lawyers and manufacturers.

You make $$ by referring this list, Tony?
I have to leave my state for about a week and an half and dont want to just sit around not working. Any recommendations on T65 lists? Thanks!
Ive used the old Josh list shack lists and well many lists

T65 Locator. Keeps me occupied sometimes. Was using it quite a bit, Not so much now. I still pay the monthly app fee, I think $15, can't remember at the moment. Like it bc it's super easy and color coded so you know who you called, or sent mail/cards--can insert short notes. Pulls right up and shows you ALL T65 in whatever zipcode you want and what month T65. Phone numbers, addresses...it doesn't show income levels, at least not the version I have.

I'll prob use it myself again, while out of town in early morning coffee down time soon. I almost scrapped it but can't let go of it yet. Is a nice addition to an already good number of lead avenues. We have a handful of agents who have used it with some return.

Got it on Google Play I believe
If you have used the T-65 lists through integrity...is there a way to download the information. I seem to only see the map.
I heard that there was a paid version that offered more options but I haven't been able to find it. Probably bought out by Integrity.

I'd like to know where they get their data.