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I know I've seen it on here before and i apologize for my redunacey but isn't there a forum for group health that this forum may be affiliated with?If so I would really like to check it out.
What happened to the thread where John, Sam and I were talking about group versus individual commissions and the pros/cons?
In many ways group is easier than individual. Obviously in MD there's no underwriting. What you're looking for is poorly serviced accounts where the owner is unhappy with their current broker. Then you have a deal. My good friend is doing extremely well in the group market.

The problem is you have to service the account. If you don't, then you turn into that "bad" broker and you can lose a huge account. My buddy Bruce tells me stories of group brokers who can lose a a third of their monthy income by either losing a large account or a few small ones.

Interesting to note that the owner of a dealship I worked for blew out from his broker because he didn't send them a Christmas present. I was there. The conversation was the owner asking the ass't "so what did we get from *****?" She said "nothing." He came back with "And how much do we pay on our premiums? Get a new broker."
seriously though I thought that I had seen Sam mention a Group Forum 101 or something. My memory is the secord shortest thing I have.
I am not sure what happened to it. I was moving the posts to another thread and I must have deleted them accidentally.

It is true that you have to send Christmas gifts but when an account pays you 10 grand every year, it is the least you can do.
I don't like spending time on group business, but I will quote it, if the opportunity is there.

If they are interested, I have a pair of associates who will write and service the business. Of course, I only get approximately 35% of the commissh, which amounts to about 2.2%.

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