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I have a question for the group producers.

I have a good friend who has a company with 125-130 employess, he knows I don't do group but he wants me to be his agent and quote the group anyway. He said he would give me a agent of record letter, but wants me to get creative with his coverage. He has a traditional ppo 1500 ded, $30 co pay 70/30. Any suggestions?
I don't think I'm interested in splitting commissions, I will be the agent of record whether changes with current plan are made or not.

I was curious if anyone had any creative ideas, maybe a high ded and an indemnity to help with the deductible?
dandan, I say this with respect but if "you don't do group" and you're talking about helping a group as large as 125+ employees you'll be doing your friend a huge disservice if you try to wing it or get a couple ideas off a message board.

If this guy's really your friend suck it up and contact a group expert and arrange a commission split.
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I am first going to set him up on a 125 plan which he doesn't have, and continue to find other solutions. I was just curious on ideas, thought I would see what ideas people had here.

I think I will review the board, maybe see where a question is asked and the response is you need to look at other sources instead of getting ideas off of a message board. I thought the message board was a good place to get creative ideas.

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I've learned how to do group with groups of 2, 4, and 5! I found a GA at Benefit Mall who sort of took me under his wing and went out with me to make the presentation and did the enrollment (for these micro groups). I learned a lot.... but I would not try to take on a group of 125 without help. The after-sale, back-office work could break you (small groups don't have high staff turnover or a lot of service work... at least not my groups of 3, 4, or 9). Do yourself a favor and find a good agency and give this to them and take a yearly split. That's what I would do if I stumbled onto a group that large.