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Hartford Life & Annuity


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Does anyone know much about the Hartford? Are they considered to be a good company with good products? Has anyone had any experience selling their offerings.

Let me know - thanks.
I am not yet appointed with them, but my partner is and he swears by them vs. at em'. =)

They are a very reputable company to have.

Sooner or later I'll have them in my bag when I get around to it.

Thanks Nate,

Does your partner sell a lot of their offerings? I'm thinking of picking them up, so I thought I'd check with the more experienced people on the board.
The Hartford is an excellent company, with very good products, however, their insurance products are really focused very heavily on the high net-worth clients.

They do a lot of group annuity, defined benefit and defined contributions, they are one of the leaders in the structured settlement market, and they are growing their group disability line. They also have a strong 412I and deffered comp. plan line.