Helping family member with commissions after her husband died (Health/Life/Annuity Agent)


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I'm looking for guidance/advice on advising a surviving family member after her husband passed away recently. He did not leave instructions or information on what to expect or do regarding his residual commission income (it was an unexpected, and sudden death). She has deposits coming directly into accounts that may have just been frozen by the bank after learning of the death.

His agency was setup as an LLC and he had one employee that has been helping him for over a decade (family member) that is now saying that all remaining income is his. She doesn't know how to go about discovering whether she is the beneficiary or not (likely that she is based on prior conversations with the deceased) or how to change the direct deposits to her account. She is elderly and has been trusting the family member to do the right thing with access to her husbands accounts. Should she just look up the company website and contact info based upon the direct deposits? Any input or guidance would be much appreciated!
Are all of the commissions being paid to the LLC?

Who is inheriting the LLC shares? That's a question for the will. If it's the surviving spouse, then the employee is SOL.

Whoever manages the LLC will need to have an insurance license and be listed as the sub-producer on the entity license. If the wife can't do that, maybe a more trusted family member can?

She's not just going to be able to "change the direct deposits to her accounts". What she needs to do is take control of the agency.

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