Has anyone had experience using AI to generate life insurance leads?

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I have been hearing a lot of new AI programs to generate high intent and high quality life insurance leads. Have any agents had experience with using AI to generate leads? If so what are the best companies to work with for AI? And what is a reasonable budget per month to generate 10 to 15 pre set high intent AI virtual appointments per week? Is running AI like running facebook as? Any feedback is appreciated.
These are great questions. I have been approached by different lead companies, some talked about AI lead generation. After I read your post, and saw@marindependent's reply, I had a little chat with ChatGPT.

I attached the transcripted if your interested. Notice the detailed information recommended to generate quality leads. I have a better appreciation for the cost of AI lead gen.

I have been licensed for many years and yet have never felt successful at lead generation. It can take time, money and patience.

Look forward to others' responses. Kevin


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